Day: 14 January 2022

EP13 S2 – Building a Business in Crypto With Jeff Hancock – Coinpass CEO


Coinpass is the UK’s best crypto platform that allows both individuals and businesses to buy and sell cryptocurrency instantly with faster and reliable payments. Coinpass also stores your assets in cold storage with bank-grade encryption which ensures your crypto is safe and secure. 

In this exclusive interview with their CEO Jeff Hancock, we discuss the idea behind Coinpass, how it was formed and the problems they are solving. We also talk through what the future has in store for Coinpass including staking options and aspirations to become a wealth-building platform. 

Building a Business in Crypto

In this episode, we asked Jeff about his experiences building a business and what advice he would give to anyone entering the space. He spoke about the importance of gaining experience with crypto brands, building a business crypto portfolio and enhancing your understanding of the crypto market. We also discussed why it’s crucial to have a long-term 5-year plan in mind from the start to be able to work backward and have clear goals in mind.

What we cover in this episode 

– Everything you need to know about Coinpass

– What problems Coinpass are solving 

– What the future of crypto could look like

– What building a business in the crypto space is like 

– Top tips for making a crypto business successful 

Things we mention in the show

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