Kevin Basham

Episode 90

In this episode Kevin visits Wirex HQ where he interviews Anthony Lesoismier-Geniaux and Alexander Fazel of SwissBorg.

Episode 37

We interview the co-founder & CTO of Centareum who are set to provide marketing for brick & mortar businesses using blockchain.

Episode 36

We take a deep dive into one half of the Cryptopulse duo, an interview with Kevin Basham.

Episode 35

Transforming how companies send and secure data using tokenized containers on the blockchain.

Episode 34

Solving “last mile” delivery problems using blockchain technology.

Episode 33

In this Episode, we guide you through our tips for finding the very best ICOs to maximize returns.

Episode 32

We discover how Shipchain is solving problems in the logistics & shipping industry using blockchain technology.

Episode 31

We take a deep dive into Bitcore and discover how it’s different to some of the other cryptocurrencies.

Episode 30

We discover the power of Digibyte and why it’s arguably the most scalable & versatile blockchain.

Episode 29

We’re joined by Jacob Brutman from the Bitcoin Private Foundation

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