Episode 91

In this episode Kevin visits Wirex HQ where he interviews Troy from Blockchain Rookies who’s expert knowledge helps business leaders understand how Blockchain will disrupt both their industry and their business.

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Episode 90

In this episode Kevin visits Wirex HQ where he interviews Anthony Lesoismier-Geniaux and Alexander Fazel of SwissBorg.

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Episode 89

In this episode we hear from Peter Rex, founder of Trustwork who are ’empowering people to rise up and live abundantly.’

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Episode 88

In this episode we give you an insight into the different investment types and equity sales you can get involved in!

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Episode 87

In this episode we give you to the long awaited insight to the project we have been working on, Cosound, a social collaboration tool and AI intergrated peer-to-peer marketplace exclusively for the music industry.

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Episode 86

In this episode we interview Anthony McGuire who has written a book, Music On The Chain: A Story of Blockchain, The New Frontier of Creativity.

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