E3 S3: The Ups and Downs of Crypto Investing: A Personal Experience

Are you ready to navigate the turbulent waters of cryptocurrency investing with us? We’ve been there, riding the highs and enduring the crashes, learning valuable lessons along the way. In this stimulating conversation, we reflect on our journey, sharing personal anecdotes from past experiences, our aspirations, and strategies for the current bull market. We’ll be upfront with you – we’re not financial gurus, and this isn’t financial advice. But we’re firm believers in the power of shared wisdom and hope that our tales from the trenches might offer some valuable insights.

We’ll also get candid about our struggles with balancing time, mental health, and the alluring world of crypto. Crafting a tailored strategy, avoiding impulsive trading, and understanding risk management are essential, but rarely discussed facets of the crypto journey. We’ll share our current tactics, from simply buying and holding Bitcoin, to investing in layer one projects, and yes, even rolling the dice on micro cap coins. And as we navigate the exhilarating crypto landscape, we’ll remind ourselves (and you!) of the importance of not letting greed dictate our decisions. So, join us as we explore the captivating intersection of money, happiness, and crypto investing.

E3 S3 Episode Chapters

(0:00:00) – Strategies and Perspectives on Crypto Investing

(0:08:11) – Managing Risk and Avoiding Impulsive Trading

(0:21:10) – Navigating Crypto Investments and Avoiding Greed

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