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We’re back bigger and better than before! Season 2 of the podcast features interviews from some of the best minds in crypto. We take a deep dive in macro trends, crypto pricing action, NFTs & some of the most incredible projects from around the globe. 

Our Mission.

Our mission is to create exclusive, entertaining & deeply informative podcast episodes to help our listeners make informed decisions. Never has there been a more exciting time to be involved in this space. The dawn of the decentralised era will create the biggest transfer of wealth ever seen in the modern era. Think of the start of the internet, but BIGGER!

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If you’re fascinated with the world of crypto, NFTs, DEFI and the future of decentralisation, we publish weekly episodes to unpack all of these topics. Perhaps you’re new to the space & want to learn more. We aim to create entertaining, easy to understand and informative content every single week. To get notified of all the latest episodes, make sure you follow us on Twitter or Instagram but most importantly, subscribe to our show on iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify.

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