E21 S3: AI and the Future of Crypto

Can AI truly revolutionize the crypto market, or are we just buying into another wave of hype? In today’s episode of Crypto Pulse, we start off by sharing a personal anecdote from a sunny holiday in Mallorca before diving into the profound impact of AI advancements like GPT-4.0 on our podcast production process and market analysis. We discuss the real-world applications of AI in the crypto space, such as fraud detection and security, while cautioning against overly ambitious projects that may be more hype than substance.

Ever wondered why Michael Saylor, a long-time skeptic, is now endorsing Ethereum ETFs? We dissect his strategic shift and the importance of critical thinking when following influential voices in the crypto community. Our conversation also tackles the capabilities of large language models like Claude, probing whether AI can genuinely partake in critical and creative thinking. We explore how human biases influence AI’s potential and what this means for the essence of creativity in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

E21 S3 Episode Chapters

(0:00:01) – AI and Crypto Market Trends

(0:08:42) – Discussion on AI, Creativity, and Influence

(0:18:53) – Future of Music, AI, Crypto

(0:31:06) – Bitcoin, Crypto, and Financial Literacy

(0:36:39) – Wealthy vs. Struggling Views on AI

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