E20 S3: Crypto Market Update and Ethereum ETF Approval?

Discover the secrets of cryptocurrency’s astonishing resilience and the surging tides lifting Bitcoin to $70,000 heights! In the whirlwind of today’s financial landscape, we take you on a journey through the latest market surges, with Bitcoin shattering expectations and Ethereum’s impressive leap, potentially spurred on by the buzz around an Ether ETF. We unravel the economic threads that tie cryptocurrencies and AI together, debating their combined power to supercharge GDP and productivity growth. And for those seeking to understand the currents of liquidity and asset price increases, we’ve got the insights you need.


Grasp the pulse of the evolving crypto market with us, as we speculate on the winds of change brought by institutional adoption and Bitcoin’s trajectory post-halving. We spotlight blockchain ventures like Akash, shedding light on the practical uses that extend well beyond financial borders. As tokenization of assets becomes a fiery topic, we navigate the regulatory obstacle course, exemplified by the SEC’s stance on Exodus Wallet. We also cast our gaze towards promising horizons with blockchains like Algorand, discussing their place in the long-term investor’s portfolio, and tease the idea of live podcast episodes to keep you abreast of the rapid developments.

E20 S3 Episode Chapters

(0:00:01) – Market Overview

(0:07:39) – Cryptocurrency Market Trends & Predictions

(0:21:25) – Crypto, Gold, and Financial Systems

(0:26:34) – Gold and Bitcoin Market Analysis

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