EP03 S2 – Elon, Apple & SHIBA to the moon?

Elon, Apple & SHIBA to the moon? There is no doubt meme coins are becoming popular investments in the crypto world but are they worth the risk? In this episode, we cover everything you need to know about meme coins including the pros and cons of investing in projects like Doge, Shibu Inu and many […]

EP02 S2 – Market cycles & the Monumental Bull Run

Market Cycles It was an obvious choice to start this series discussing the Bitcoin market cycle. It is arguably the most important thing you need to understand if you are currently or plan to trade cryptocurrencies.  It helps inform you when could be the best time to buy and sell your crypto and during this […]

EP01 S2 – Season 2 of Cryptopulse launch

Introducing series 2 Welcome back! It’s been a while but we are back with the launch of season 2. It’s an exciting time in the world of crypto as we get to the business end of the market cycle (more on this to come). A lot has changed since we finished series 1 back in […]