EP02 S2 – Market cycles & the Monumental Bull Run

Market Cycles

It was an obvious choice to start this series discussing the Bitcoin market cycle. It is arguably the most important thing you need to understand if you are currently or plan to trade cryptocurrencies. 

It helps inform you when could be the best time to buy and sell your crypto and during this episode, we will take you through the cycle from start to finish, outline where in the cycle we are likely to be now and a practical approach to managing it.

What we cover in this episode

– What is the Bitcoin market cycle and how does it work

– Why is the cycle important and what it means for you

– The difference between a bull market and a bear market

– Why Bitcoin matters no matter what coin you invest in

– What you can expect over the next few months in the Crypto space

– Insights into our plan for the end of the cycle

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