EP03 S2 – Elon, Apple & SHIBA to the moon?

Elon, Apple & SHIBA to the moon?

There is no doubt meme coins are becoming popular investments in the crypto world but are they worth the risk?

In this episode, we cover everything you need to know about meme coins including the pros and cons of investing in projects like Doge, Shibu Inu and many more. There are a huge number of meme coins available on the market these days so we decided it was important to talk about why they are growing in popularity and the risks you need to be aware of when investing.

We also discuss the impact and influence Elon Musk has on the market including his latest Twitter poll where people voted yes to him selling 10% of his Teslar stock. 

What we cover in this episode

– What is a meme coin

– The pros and cons of meme coins and examples of the most popular projects

– Whether you should invest in meme coins and the risks involved 

– Elon Musk and his influence on the crypto market 

– Tim Cook’s interest in the cryptocurrency space and what that could mean for Apple

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