6 Women-Led NFT Projects Leading The Way

6 Women-Led NFT Projects Leading The Way In The NFT Space

In December 2021, a report found that less than 5% of crypto entrepreneurs are female. However, in this male-dominated sector, women have been leading NFT projects with the likes of the incredible Boss Beauties, World of Women and Rebel Society.

With these projects painting the NFT landscape, we wanted to celebrate the inspiring work they have shared with the world, opening up opportunities and promoting diversity for generations to come. 

Below, we explored 6 women-led NFT projects that are empowering females and creating a change in the tech space.

  • Boss Beauties

If you are familiar with the NFT space, you will have most likely heard of Boss Beauties. This global initiative is creating ‘opportunities for girls and women through cutting-edge collaboration’. 

Their powerful portraits portray women that they want to see in the world, representing diverse females in positions of power and predominantly ‘male’ jobs. Through the incredible artwork, the project became the 1st NFT collection featured in The New York Stock Exchange.

  • World of Women

WoW’s vision is to increase the 5% of female artist NFT art sales reported in November 2021. They want to open up the diversity of creators, contributors and owners in web3 through celebrating representation, inclusivity and equality in their collections. 

The team is giving back to the community by educating and onboarding the next generation of creators to offer equal opportunities for everyone.

  • Rebel Society

This fierce project sticks the ‘middle finger’ against society’s demands for women. The limited edition collection includes 7000 badass female characters who are rebelling against discrimination and inspiring female artists to share their work with the world. 

Rebel Society NFT
  • Women Rise

Women Rise was born from artist Maliha Abidi, a Pakistani-American published author and visual artist. This NFT project was created to represent women from around the world, including female astronauts, coders, activists and many others. The vibrant artwork brings women to the forefront of powerful positions, with the mission to ‘celebrate the incredible women rising on the blockchain’.

  • Sacred Skulls

Sacred Skulls offers unique and influential hand drawn NFT artwork, created by two friends that share a passion for empowering women through financial independence. The project’s vision is to fill in the gender gap by inspiring more women to join the NFT world.

  • Remarkable Women

The Remarkable Women NFT collection was created by Canadian illustrator Rachel Winter. This work is an ‘ode’ to women inspired by fashion, feminism and cultural diversity. Through popping bright colours, the artwork gives messages of hope, affirmation and inspiration to uplift women across the world.

Powering The NFT World In 2022

With NFTs on the rise, women-led projects are standing out in the community and creating change for the better. More females are entering the crypto space than ever before, and the strong presence is levelling out the playing field whilst building a more diverse space for creators, entrepreneurs and blockchain enthusiasts to explore.

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