EP28 S2 – Brett Harrison: President of FTX US

Brett Harrison: President of FTX US

In this episode, Kevin and Ben interview Brett Harrison, president of FTX US, one of the biggest crypto marketplaces trading in the US right now! FTX US has sponsored Major League Baseball, F1 Mercedes, E-Sports, as well as Miami Heat’s home arena (renaming it from American Airlines Arena to the FTX Arena) and partnering with Coachella helping them to make NFT keys for various music experiences. 

Who is Brett Harrison?

Brett Harrison is the President of FTX US, a US-regulated cryptocurrency exchange. Brett began and spent the majority of his career at Jane Street, where he led the firm’s algorithmic trading system development. Prior to joining FTX US, Brett previously worked as Head of Semi-Systematic Technology at Citadel Securities, where he managed technology for the firm’s Options, ETF, OTC, and ADR trading globally.

What we cover in this episode:

  How did Brett get to be President of FTX?

  How did FTX US grow to be so big?

  The secret to keeping people on a platform

  FTX US and their relationship with US Government and regulators

  Brett’s reaction to Joe Bidens executive order on crypto

  Brett’s idea for crypto helping high risk industries and bank-less individuals

  FTX helping Ukraine with setting up an official account for crypto donations

  New future projects from FTX US (and a teaser for a new gaming announcement)


Ways to connect with Brett and FTX:

FTX US Twitter: https://twitter.com/FTX_Official

Brett Harrison Twitter: https://twitter.com/Brett_FTXUS

 Website: www.ftx.us


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Ways to connect with Kevin and Ben

Kevin Twitter: https://twitter.com/KevinBasham

Ben Twitter: https://twitter.com/bdrsquared   

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