Episode 21

In this Episode, Kevin runs solo to talk about the different types of wallets.

Episode 20

Kevin speaks with TV star, best selling author and creator of BIG LUV – the first charity using blockchain

Episode 19

We discuss boot strapping a crypto project and how the DVN project has done exactly that!

Episode 17

Back by popular demand! Our top alt-coin picks for spring 2018 with Kevin and Ben.

Episode 16

We discuss the shocking data breach from Facebook and how decentralized applications can solve the problem.

Episode 15

These talented and high energy entrepreneurs are set to disrupt the crowdfunding space.

Episode 13

In this episode we chat about The Top Five Crypto Fails of All Time!

Episode 12

In this episode we Interview crypto millionaire Nate Ginsburg

Episode 11

We’re excited to be joined by a Serial entrepreneur, Pete Martin from Votem.

Episode 10

In this episode, we talk to the founders of Agent Not Needed.

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