EP011 S2 – IMPORTANT: Bitcoin Price Update for 2022

Bitcoin Price Update for 2022

It’s safe to say 2021 didn’t quite go to plan with Bitcoin falling way short of the target of reaching 100k by the end of the year. But, do you need to worry? We clear everything up in our first episode of 2022 and lock ahead to what the crypto market may look like over the next year and give some advice on how you can plan ahead in your own trading.

We also discuss some key things to look out for in 2022, how to manage your own fear and greed and why it is so important to have a clear risk management strategy and take profits when trading.

Will Bitcoin Reach 100k in 2022?

There is a fair bit of uncertainty in the market at the moment which has left a lot of people wondering, is the current bull run over? And will Bitcoin reach 100k in 2022? We give our predictions for how the next year could look for Bitcoin, where we are in the bitcoin market cycle and what that means for traders. 

What we cover in this episode 

– Will Bitcoin get to 100k and why it didn’t reach the 100k target in 2021

– The stock to flow model for Bitcoin and why it is important 

– When is a good time to buy and sell cryptocurrencies 

– How to plan for 2022 and things to watch out for

– The importance of risk management and taking profits 

– How to manage your own fear and greed

– What is in store for Bitcoin in 2022

– Our 2022 predictions for the crypto space 

Things we mention in the show

Stock to Flow Model

Read about the stock to flow model here https://www.lookintobitcoin.com/charts/stock-to-flow-model/

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