EP12 S2 – The Shocking Truth About Why Crypto Markets Are Crashing

Is It Time To Buy or Sell Crypto?

It’s safe to say the start of 2022 has not gone to plan for the crypto market. The current fear to greed index has even moved to the level of extreme fear, although is this an opportunity to buy at great prices rather than to sell? We answer this question in our latest episode and explain why we believe the market may have bottomed out and why we are choosing to capitalise on the market conditions and add to our portfolio rather than sell like many are doing.

What Does the Rise in Inflation Mean for Crypto?

The upcoming release of the inflation figures in America and expectation it will be the highest number in many years has been a big talking point recently. Many people see Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a hedge against inflation but will this affect the market in the near future? Unfortunately, the answer is probably and this is something that’s important to be aware of. This is due to Bitcoin still being a risk asset, with many investors withdrawing money from these assets due to uncertainty caused by the rising inflation. We clear all of this up during the episode and what the market could look like over the next few months,

What we cover in this episode

– The upcoming inflation data release in America
– What rising inflation means for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
– Why is the market down?
– Should you be buying or selling crypto?
– The fear to greed ratio and why it’s important
– What the market could look like for the next few months
– How to manage your own fear and greed

Things we mention in the show

Plan B

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Stock to Flow Model

Read about the stock to flow model here https://www.lookintobitcoin.com/charts/stock-to-flow-model/

Fear to Greed Index

Read about the fear to greed indexl here

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