EP14 S2 – Jack Dorsey & the BIG Bitcoin Bounce

Market Update – Is a Bitcoin Bounce On Its Way?

The market has been moving sideways for some time now and the fear to greed indicator has been constantly at the extreme fear level for weeks. But is the next move for Bitcoin likely to be down below $40k or are we due a relief rally in the coming months? We reveal what we believe could be on the horizon for Bitcoin and why the indicators are pointing towards a bounce in the near future. 

Bitcoin Developers Legal Trouble

One thing featuring in the news currently is constant legal cases being raised against Bitcoin developers, despite not always being clear why. The lawsuits have been growing in number in recent months although Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has created a fund to be used to help Bitcoin developers get legal aid if legal cases are filed against them. 


DAOs are decentralized autonomous organizations that aren’t governed by a hierarchy and instead, the rules of each DAO are coded on the blockchain allowing for complete transparency with the way they are run. In this episode, we talk you through this latest crypto trend and discuss Spice Dao, who paid nearly $3million for the novel Dune believing they had bought the rights to all the book’s content. They were eventually told all they had bought was a 1st edition copy of the book and not the rights which has dominated the crypto news over the last couple of days. 

What we cover in this episode 

– Market update and what’s next for Bitcoin? – Is a Bitcoin bounce on the horizon? – Why Bitcoin developers are being hit with legal cases – Jack Dorsey’s fund to help the developers  – What are DAOs – Spice DAOs unfortunate incident  – What could happen to the mandatory license fee for the BBC 

Things we mention in the show

Jack Dorsey Twitter: https://twitter.com/jack  Spice DAO Twitter: https://twitter.com/thespicedao 

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