EP07 S2 – Is Bitcoin destroying the planet?

Is Bitcoin bad for the environment?

Are the bold claims that Bitcoin is destroying the planet actually true? In this episode, we will answer this question and look at how much energy mining Bitcoin actually uses and the steps they are taking to make mining greener and more sustainable.

Did you know that Christmas lights in America use more energy than the entire Bitcoin network annually? It is clear people who are quick to talk negatively about Bitcoin seem to forget or ignore the amount of energy many things in the world uses, particularly things that have contributed to world advancements like the internet and gold mining. This is why we wanted to clear up some of these negative statements during this episode and give examples of other things in the world that uses more energy than Bitcoin.

We also discuss some of the reasons why certain people are making bold statements against Bitcoin and why it is important to not believe everything you read in the news!

What we cover in this episode

– Elon Musk and Tesla’s decision to accept Bitcoin payments
– How much energy does Bitcoin mining really use
– Ways Bitcoin is making mining more green and sustainable
– Some shocking examples of other things that need more energy than Bitcoin
– How green is gold mining
– How inflation is calculated
– ways people can counter the effects of inflation
– The reasons why some people are likely to talk negatively against Bitcoin

Things we mention in the show

Michael Saylor Interview With Anthony Pompliano – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3E91-RGjQE


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