EP21 S2 – Super Bowl Ads Pump Crypto and Why War With Russia Is Bad for Bitcoin

Is Crypto the Big Winner at This Year’s Super Bowl?

Coinbase, FTX and Crypto.com were among the companies that shelled out $6.5 million dollars per 30 seconds of ad time at the recent Super Bowl. It is certainly the hot topic in the crypto space at the moment with some ads performing better than others. We discuss what this means for the crypto industry along with what the ads included and Coinbase’s inexcusable crash.

Are Russia and Ukraine Impacting the Crypto Market?

The ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine have hit a breaking point in recent weeks, but is this having an effect on the crypto market? We answer this question during the episode and outline why the hugely worrying nature of the tension could be causing a sell-off and for people to lose confidence in risk assets.

Is It Still a Good Time To Buy?

Despite political tensions causing some panic in the markets, the indicators are still indicating Bitcoin is oversold suggesting now is still a fairly good time to buy. Bitcoin is currently sitting at a $44k resistance and if it can breakthrough we could see some more moves to the upside in the near future. Another potential reason the market is in a strong position is Canadians looking to invest in decentralised assets to stop the risks of the government suspending people’s bank accounts if they protest against the vaccine mandate.

What we cover in this episode 

– Crypto Super Bowl ads

– The unforgivable Coinbase crash 

The impact Russia and Ukraine are having on the Crypto market

– Is it a good time to buy or sell?

– The Canadian government’s announcement they will seize protesters funds

– Are Canadians now more likely to invest in decentralised assets?

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