EP25 S2 – Why Is War Pumping Wheat?

Why Is War Pumping Wheat?

With the crypto market being spooked from the situation taking place between Ukraine and Russia, we are seeing a bit of a waiting game across the space. Bitcoin has been down nearly 40% from its highs last year, and one of the biggest winners recently has been gold!

Why Gold Is Rallying

Is Bitcoin behaving more like a risk asset? Gold has rallied throughout this tricky macro backdrop; suggesting that investors are still looking at gold as the safe haven during these uncertain times. We discuss whether Bitcoin will have its day again with some monumental runs, or whether the golden years are over? 

Joe Biden’s Executive Order

In other major news this week, Joe Biden’s executive order is on the way. The Whitehouse is looking to move some of the regulatory bodies quickly on the regulation of crypto and digital assets. Everything from Bitcoin to Ethereum, and all other tokens will be impacted by this order, which may push people to dump ahead of the freeze.

The Russia & Ukraine War

With sanctions being placed on Russia and the potential banning of buying Russian oil taking its toll, the market has been spooked by the rise in prices. The sanctions that have been put forward so far have been serious, but at what point do Russia stop providing the energy that the west needs, and how will this impact crypto? 

Ukraine has also seen some huge crypto donations to help during these uncertain times, with millions to fund anything from military supplies to food packages. The great benefit linked to crypto has included the speed of these transactions, being done directly and almost instantly.

The Threat Of China & Taiwan

Added to that, we have the potential war between China and Taiwan. This is thought to negatively impact microchip output globally. With many companies relying heavily on the production of these products, it could be a bad couple of years for large tech businesses, with stock prices reflecting that.

What we cover in this episode

– Why gold is rallying

– Bitcoins price action

– Russia & Ukraines impact on crypto

– Joe Biden’s executive order

– The threat from China & Taiwan

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