Episode 24

Our top altcoin picks which could go to the moon!

When it comes to ICOs, cryptocurrency projects and new blockchain technology, it can be hard to keep up with what’s good, and what’s not good. What’s even harder to do, is follow the relatively smaller projects that might not get the recognition they deserve.

We’ve picked four cryptocurrency projects that have not captured headlines, but have been included in blockchain blogs around the globe and have even been mentioned on sites like Forbes and Hacker Noon.

We picked these five, based on this criteria:

  • $10-100 million market cap
  • Praised on reputed sites
  • Interesting project
  • Good information available on them and their team


Note: This article was written on May 14th 2018, making all market caps and price figures relative to this day.


Starting with…


NAV (NAVcoin)

Hailed as the world’s first fully-autonomous cryptocurrency, this bitcoin-based decentralized crypto enables 30-second, low-cost, full-anonymous transactions. It looked to tackle the public transactional link between sender and receiver that exposes user privacy, and to tackle the data vulnerability that is presented by requiring databases to revert to recent backup points after a corruption.


It’s a dual-blockchain technology, combining the bitcoin architecture, and their own NAV subchain, which removes the traces between senders and receivers, allowing for anonymous transactions.


Their Telegram group has almost 5,000 members, and their Twitter has nearly 50,000 followers, showing that despite being relatively new, they are worth talking about.


Their small team of 6 full time staff have already launched:

  • NavPay, a desktop wallet
  • NavTech 1.2, obfuscation encryption layers
  • NavPi, an energy efficient staking solution for rewards made in NacCoin
  • NavCoin Core 4.0, a system for increased stability and integration


In 2018, they are going full steam ahead, planning to launch a platform for developers, lightning network transactions, instant exchanges from NAVcoin to other currencies, a payment gateway for users to spend their NAV and cold staking capabilities.

Market Capitalization: Crica $65million


Next up…


Cappasity (CAPP)

‘Cappasity brings an in-store browsing experience to online retail through interactive 3D images’ says their website.


It’s quite technical to understand at first, but once you’ve wrapped your head around what they want to do, you might say ‘ooh’ or ‘aah’, or you might think it’s not a gigantic project because of the complexity.


Cappasity develops tools to drastically improve AR/VR/3D technologies, and has so far successfully launched a professional 3D digitizing solution, which has an API for integration with e-stores and digital catalogues.


There is a marketplace that is vital to their ecosystem, which allows users to rent, buy and sell AR/VR/3D content and apps. Each file is given an ID/hash to prevent copyright, and this is what is stored in the blockchain. Cappasity.AI, another part of the project, analyses customer interaction with 3D images, producing heat maps to learn from.


It’s a cool project that will change how we view online products, and since shopping is one of the most popular activities on the internet, it’s no doubt going to grow once major retailers adopt its tech.


Market Capitalization: Circa $17million


Rentberry (BERRY)

Forbes declared Rentberry one of the top 10 ICO projects for 2018, so it’s surprising that their market Capitalization is only $13,296,317 USD so far.


The concept behind Rentberry is a blockchain technology that makes renting long-term less complication, and more convenient. The platform is already fully operational in the US, and is making the rental experience seamless, and also allows crowdsourcing features, to help tenants unfreeze their rental security deposits.


You can join an auction for a rental property, submit your credit and background information if you wish, and even pay your rent through the platform. Finally, of course, is the smart contract between tenant and landlord. All you have to do is visit the property, and the rest works on the blockchain.


It gets even better actually, you can even organise your viewings through the platform, and request maintenance for your apartment if something goes wrong.


The downside – it’s only in a handful of US cities right now.



A little bit different, but it’s something that affects our lives on a daily basis, without us realising it. Most of our clothes, electronics and items around the home, have been on a ship at some point, being transported internationally. What most people don’t realise, is that this industry has so many inefficiencies, issues, and expenses that cause a great deal of uncertainty. ShipChain wants to fix that, in their words:


‘Imagine a fully integrated system across the entire supply chain, from the moment a shipment leaves the factory, to the final delivery on the customer’s doorstep; federated in trustless, transparent blockchain contracts. This is ShipChain.


The ShipChain platform is based on a simple, yet powerful solution called “Track and Trace.”


Our ecosystem will encompass all methods of freight, and will include an open API architecture that can integrate with existing freight management software.’


The market cap is currently circa $20million, but has more than doubled in size in the past month, and looks to be a very useful technology for the shipping logistics industry, which is worth more than $8,000,000,000,000, just to put things into perspective.


On their team, there is Roger Crook, the former CEO of HDL, Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank, Steve Schoch from Amgen and Miramax, and more.


And finally…


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