Our top Alt-coin picks for 2018 (Round 2)

In this episode, we go through some more of our favourite alt-coin picks. This includes the system we use to perform due diligence when investing in our own 6-figure crypto fund. We’ll be doing another episode very soon on this topic but this time around, we go through 5 different alt-coin projects:

Power Ledger (POWR)

Utility: Distributed Power Ledger token. It’s an energy trading platform that allows consumers with solars panels on their roof to sell excess electricity to their neighbours. Consumers trade ‘Sparkz’ which means people can source and sell their electricity on a P2P basis.

Why we like it: This is a crypto-asset rather than a currency option. It diversifies our portfolio and they solve a problem in a huge market.

Team: Dr Jemma Green (co-founder), 11-year investment banking experience, climate change and is a founder of the Global Blockchain Business Council.

David Martin (Co-founder & Managing Director), 20 years experience in the electricity industry.

Full team details here

Technical Information:

Current Market Cap & Prices: Current Market Cap £211 million, the high point was $670 million back in January 2018. Current price: $0.58

12-14 month target: $4 if the total crypto market cap increases by 5x

Potential Downside: Country/regional specific. Other projects are out there trying to solve the same problem.



Utility: EOS is a direct alternative to Ethereum. Headed by Dan Larimer the founder of two successful crypto coins STEEM and Bitshares, EOS is promising to be a new blockchain operating system faster and more scalable than Ethereum that will allow users to build decentralized applications more efficiently.

Why we like it: It allows people to build decentralised apps, develop them and govern them. It brings a faster and cheaper alternative to Ethereum.

Team: Dan Larimer & Brock Pierce (he is the chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation)

Technical Information: EOS uses state of the art technology and for all those techies out there, the whitepaper can be found here.

Current Market Cap & Prices: $5.6 billion is the current market cap, we saw highs of $10.6 billion back in early January 2018. You can buy EOS for around £8 based on today’s market price.

12-14 month target: $25 if the total crypto market cap increases by 5 x

Potential Downside: It’s still very early and they’re working on their testnet.



Utility: Tron (TRX) helps digital media creators who use Tron have total control and ownership of the data they create, including how it is distributed to their audiences. This cuts out intermediaries like Apple, Google etc eliminating the fees those companies charge creators to have their material available there.

Why we like it: Tron has an enormous market potential which can be used by millions.

Team: TRON was founded by CEO Justin Sun in 2017, who also appears in the Ranking ″Forbes 30 Under 30″. The team members established the TRON foundation in Singapore as a non-profit organization that operates the TRON network based on the principles of fairness and transparency.

Technical Information: The Foundation supports the TRON development team. The Foundation is set up with approval from the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority(ACRA) under the supervision of the Company Law of Singapore. Singapore is well known for having a stable and well-established set of laws and financial establishment. Any surplus will be retained to use for the purposes of the foundation and members of the foundation will never obtain a share of any surplus.

Current Market Cap & Prices: The current market cap for TRX is $2.6billion after dropping from a staggering $16.7billion in early January 2018. TRX is available to buy on various exchanges for approx $0.04 per unit.

12-14 month target: $0.15 if the total crypto market cap increases by 5 x

Potential Downside: The huge pump in price back in January 2018 could put off investors as there was speculation around why the price increased so rapidly.


investFeed (IFT)

Utility: Taken directly from the investFeed website – “investFeed is the epicentre for all things cryptocurrency. investFeed’s evolution involves creating a “One Tab” solution for social networking among cryptocurrency enthusiasts, professionals, and projects. investFeed will also include market data, crowd sentiment, news, information, and integrated asset portfolio/order management through 3rd party APIs (with sharing capabilities).”

Why we like it: It’s a really useful platform with huge potential as more people are entering the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.


Ronald Chernesky, CEO – prior to starting investFeed, he worked as the Head of US Equities Trading at World Trade Financial Group, and Senior Equity Trader at Avatar Securities.

Andrew Freedman, Co-founder and CTO – prior to starting investFeed, worked as an IT Consultant at Midpoint Solutions and Developer at WTS Proprietary Trading Group.

Technical Information: Whitepaper available here

Current Market Cap & Prices: Current market cap is $12million which is very low, we saw a high of £62million in January 2018. IFT units can be purchased for $0.06 (as of 25.02.17) on Cryptopia and some other lesser know exchanges.

12-14 month target: $0.60 if the total crypto market cap increases by 5 x

Potential Downside: The development team will need to remain strong as the market evolves and changes, new features & updates must be added.


Is there anything you’d like us to talk about on the podcast? How can we help you? Can you recommend any more alt-coin projects?

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