E67 S2 – Greg Foss & The Fiat Debt Spiral

Greg Foss & The Fiat Debt Spiral

In this episode, Kevin and Ben sit down with long time credit expert and self-proclaimed Bitcoin enthusiast and realist Greg Foss to really get to the bottom of some big questions; we’re in so much debt, who do we owe all this money to? Who really are the IMF? And, most importantly, how will Bitcoin keep the fiat ponzi afloat?

Who is Greg Foss?

Greg Foss is a former hedge fund manager and current Executive Director of Strategic Initiatives at Validus Power Corp in Toronto. Gregg is a 35 year risk veteran and describes himself as both a “Bitcoin enthusiast and realist”.

What we cover in this episode:

  • Who do countries owe all this money to?
  • When will global inflation hikes end?
  • Why is Bitcoin so important as a hedge against inflation?
  • How will Bitcoin be integrated in the modern fiat system?
  • Is there a place for gold?
  • Who are the IMF?
  • Would the US Dollar ever fail?
  • Greg’s view on Michael Saylor
  • Final Thoughts

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