E59 S2 – Not Your Keys, Not Your Crypto

Not Your Keys, Not Your Crypto

A saying that a lot of those in the crypto community have heard before is “not your keys, not your crypto”. Although a simple sentiment, this fundamental truth is still being tested by governments and corporations around the world. Whenever an entity takes away someone’s crypto assets, who will be the one who gets the last laugh? The investor, or the establishment.

Celsius lawyers claim users gave up legal rights to their crypto

Celsius’ bankruptcy hearings officially began on July 18, kicking off the lengthy fight for the company’s restructuring. Lawyers from the Kirkland law firm led by Pat Nash detailed how retail users with Earn and Borrow accounts transferred the title of their coins to the firm as per its terms of service (ToS).

China’s rural bank scandal

Some of you might be following in the news the developing situation in China regarding banks suspending cash withdrawals to the public, with the protest footage of civilians clashing with police getting most of the attention. But what’s really going on?

WWOC: ‘South Park’ Slams Matt Damon’s Crypto Ad in Pee-Drinking Parody

In times of drought, in times of natural disaster, in times of events of apocalyptic proportions, would you listen to Matt Damon?

What we cover in this episode

  • Market Recap
  • Elon Musk sells 75% of Tesla’s Bitcoin holdings
  • Celsius’ Chapter 13 bankruptcy hearing gets underway
  • China’s bank cash freeze scandal
  • WWOC: South Park tears apart Matt Damon’s Crypto ad, makes him Shill for Pee Water

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