E11 S3: Building an Off-Grid Life with Bitcoin in the Balance


As the mists of uncertainty enveloped the crypto market, Ben and I found ourselves navigating the volatile currents of Bitcoin’s worth, much like the shifting Portuguese weather patterns that mirror my own life transformation. From considering the potential of a sub-$39k Bitcoin to discussing the foundational principles of financial freedom that cryptocurrency embodies, we explore how these digital assets are more than mere investments—they are a symbol of autonomy in an increasingly centralized world. Our conversation spans from the practical implications for investors to the philosophical underpinnings that make Bitcoin resonate with those seeking sovereignty, including my own journey towards a self-sufficient homestead in Portugal.

Taxation, inflation, and the weight of national debt—these are the chains that many bear, often unknowingly. In sharing my story of upheaval during the pandemic, the pivot to a lifestyle of independence becomes a testament to the power of personal choice. The creation of my off-grid sanctuary is not just a tale of bricks and mortar but a narrative on the pursuit of freedom. Cryptocurrency emerges as a crucial ally in this quest, promising a financial resilience against the silent thief that is inflation, and offering a beacon of hope for a life unburdened by the overreach of governmental control.

As Ben and I contemplate the future, our discussions turn to the complexities of Bitcoin’s environmental footprint and the tech wonder that could one day be iPhones recognizing users through their screens. These musings, while at times light-hearted, underscore our commitment to hearty debates and critical examination of the issues that shape our world. Join us as we weave through the rich tapestry of entrepreneurial spirit, the quest for peace in the countryside, and the ceaseless intrigue of the crypto cosmos—all while keeping an eye on the pressing issue of sustainability that we promise to tackle in the sessions to come.

E11 S3 Episode Chapters

(0:00:01) – Bitcoin and Crypto

(0:07:00) – Inflation, Taxes, Freedom

(0:22:02) – Understanding the World, Freedom, and Bitcoin

(0:28:26) – Discussion on Bitcoin and the Environment

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