E14 S3: Surging Bitcoin and the Art of Cryptocurrency Investment

Unlock the secrets of cryptocurrency’s latest trends and strategies as we celebrate Bitcoin’s record-breaking rally past $59K and what it could mean for your portfolio. We’ll share the vital lessons we’ve learned from our own investment journeys, highlighting the importance of smart decision-making and how to navigate the highs and lows of the market. Get the inside scoop on altcoins’ stability and potential, and learn why Ethereum might just be leading us into an altseason of epic proportions.

Step into the world of due diligence with us, where evaluating the vision, expertise, and whitepapers of crypto projects is not just recommended—it’s essential. I’ll walk you through the rise and fall of a coin that tried to revolutionize mobile mining, and how these experiences shaped my investment focus on foundational blockchain technologies. Join our discussion on Algorand’s prospective future and why a great project doesn’t always mean great market performance. We’ll also dissect the strategies behind token reserves and their impact during bull markets.

E14 S3 Episode Chapters

(0:00:01) – Crypto Pulse Podcast

(0:11:30) – Crypto Disagreements and Due Diligence

(0:23:51) – Real Assets Tokenization and XRP Debate

(0:29:00) – Real Estate Projects Update on CryptoPulse

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