The World’s First NFT Vending Machine

Neon Launches The 1st NFT Vending Machine

Most of us will have bought something from a vending machine, whether that be a bite to eat or a drink… But have you ever seen an NFT available to grab? Well, that’s exactly what you’re getting in 2022!

Neon, the digital marketplace built on the Solana blockchain, has launched this innovative product to the streets of New York City. Located off Wall Street, the machine dispenses a box containing a unique code for your chosen NFT. The vending machine accepts both USD debit and credit cards, making it incredibly accessible to all without the need for any crypto wallet and technical knowledge.  

Neon NFT vending machine
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Where Can I Find It?

If you are living in New York City, this is open 24 hours a day and located on 29 John St, Manhattan. The futuristic, vibrancy environment for the vending machine adds that little more to the NFT purchasing experience. Creating a fresh, modern feel as you enter the digital world and redeem your NFT. 

Our goal is to support artists and creators by letting them sell digital art to everyone, and to help anyone who wants to become a collector.
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Jordan Birnholtz
CMO and co-founder of Neon

Who Are Neon?

Neon believes NFTs are the future of art with the ever growing online world. They want to empower creators and make selling art as simple as possible, with the slogan to build ‘The easiest, fastest way to buy, sell and show off your NFTs’. 

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