EP37 S2 – Blair, Bahamas and Bored Apes

Blair, Bahamas and Bored Apes

This week has been hectic in the Crypto-sphere! The inaugural Crypto Bahamas is wrapping up, one of the biggest NFT communities was hacked and one of the biggest wallstreet fraudsters has become a crypto fanatic. Kevin and Ben take a deep dive into this weekly crypto round up, as well as take a look at an exclusive statement given by the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change in regards to UK’s future in crypto innovation.

Crypto Bahamas and Statement from Tony Blair Institute

This week, the inaugural Crypto Bahamas presented by FTX and SALT has come to a close. This conference has stirred up a lot of conversations, weather that’s arguments about weather Bill Clinton and Tony Blair were suitable candidates for being speakers at the event to praise to the Bahamas for having friendlier regulations. We read an exclusive statement given to Cryptopulse from the Tony Blair Institue for Global Change in regards to UK’s potential to head DeFi innovation.

Revolut CEO eyes expansion into mortgages, crypto wallets

Digital banking platform Revolut is working on expanding into decentralized cryptocurrency wallets and is also looking at the mortgage sector, its CEO said, as the London-based company pushes ahead with its strategy to become a so-called “superapp”. Revolut, which currently offers payments services, crypto trading, savings accounts and stock trading, is focused in the short-term on expanding its remittance offerings and launching a buy now, pay later product. But the financial technology company has more work to do to become a one-stop shop for financial services, said CEO Nik Storonsky.

A hacker swindled about $3 million in NFTs after infiltrating Bored Ape Yacht Club’s social media accounts

The Bored Ape Yacht Club’s Instagram and Discord accounts were hacked Monday. The attacker seized control of the BAYC Instagram account and sent a phishing post that many followers were fooled into clicking on, connecting their crypto wallets to the hacker’s “smart contract” – a mechanism for implementing a crypto transaction. That enabled the attacker to steal the assets held in the wallets, seizing control of four Bored Apes, as well as a host of other NFTs with an estimated total value of $3m. 

Weird World of Crypto: Wolf of Wall-Street Jordan Belfort sells crypto course for 1BTC 

Jordan Belfort, most notably known as THE Wolf of Wallstreet, has lived a crazy life, but who would have predicted the reformed high-financier would be an advocate of crypto currency? This month, at his house in Miami Beach, he hosted nine blockchain enthusiasts and entrepreneurs for a weekend-long crypto workshop — a chance to hang out with the Wolf and enjoy an “intimate financial experience” with his crypto-industry friends” 

What We Cover In This Episode

  • Crypto Bahamas is finishing up this week
  • Revolut CEO eyes expansion into mortgages, crypto wallets 
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club social-media hack
  • Wolf of Wall-Street Jordan Belfort sells crypto course for 1BTC 
  • Final Thoughts


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Full Statement by Martin Carkett, Policy Lead at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change:

“While there is significant debate over how to define, restrict or embrace crypto, the Tony Blair Institute believes that governments need to strike the right balance between appropriate regulation to guard against risks while still fostering progress and innovation.  

“Crypto and Distributed Ledger Technologies are going to play a defining role in the 21st century and it’s right that the government is aiming to make the UK – which has long- standing strengths in the financial services industry – a global hub for cryptoasset technology and investment. 

“Bringing stablecoins within regulation, introducing a financial market infrastructure sandbox and a Financial Conduct Authority-led ‘CryptoSprint’ are all sensible approaches. It is particularly encouraging to see that policy makers will be working more closely with industry through a ministerial led engagement group.   

 “The UK is well positioned to get out ahead of other major economies in this space, but it needs to double down on its efforts to ensure it takes this opportunity. For example, the UK needs to move more quickly and decisively on a potential Bank of England Central Bank Digital Currency, on fostering innovation in DeFi as well as cryptoassets and on exploring feasibility and potential benefits of using DLT for sovereign debt instruments.” 

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