E68 S2 – What is Web 3.0?

What is Web 3.0?!

Web 3.0 is one of those buzz words that you often see in crypto news coverage or project websites, and to the new and fresh faced crypto users that enter this space, it’s hard to understand what it really is. So in this episode, Kevin and Ben go through the history of the internet and show the differences between Web 1.0, Web 2.0, and Web 3.0

What we cover in this episode:

  • The Brief History of the Internet
  • The Main Differences between Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0
  • Bill Gates being Laughed At when discussing Internet Potential
  • The NHS Data Breech
  • Joe Rogan’s Interview with Mark Zuckerberg
  • How does this affect your informed decisions when it comes to crypto?
  • Final Thoughts

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