Weekly Crypto & Blockchain Round Up W/C 17th December

In this episode we discuss Metcalfe’s law, Coinbases’ new developments and Facebook’s blockchain transition.

Episode 77

In this episode, we speak with Award Winning Entrepreneur, Prime Time TV Star, Philanthropist, Best Selling Author and the creator of Naked Dollars, Marco Robinson.

Episode 76

In this episode, we speak with James McDowall who has been a Professional Golfer in the PGA and holds an undefeated record as a champion Super-Welterweight Boxer and now is an avid Blockchain enthusiast, entrepreneur and investor.

Yearly Crypto & Blockchain Round Up

Join us for our one year anniversary edition round up where we give you the lowdown (and our opinions!) on what’s been happening this past year since we started the show!

Episode 75

In this episode, we speak with Patrick Dooley who is the founder and CEO of The Crypto Investor’s Show which looks to bring together the crypto community with private investors and traders in the UK.

Weekly Crypto & Blockchain Round Up W/C 3rd December

We take a look at the market, Floyd Mayweather’s SEC fine and Coinbase’s OTC developments

Music In Blockchain Episode 05

In this episode, we interview Founders Sean Gardner and Jimi Frew from Emanate which is a self governing audio exchange protocol. Emanate is building technology for the future of music. Risk-free collaborations and instant monetisation for musicians.

Weekly Crypto & Blockchain Round Up W/C 26th November

We speak to you from LA again, this time we cover the market, BTC Network hash rate and Overstock moving into the crypto space.

Music In Blockchain Episode 04

In this episode, we interview Dave Blundell from Aurovine who are providing a blockchain powered service for independent artists and for music fans to use the digital currency AudioCoin.

Episode 74

In this episode, we speak with Dylan Rhodes and Jason Stone of Bitcoin Green, the global blockchain solution for sustainable cryptocurrency.

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