Weekly Crypto & Blockchain Round Up W/C 21st January

In this episode we discuss Billy’s Bitcoin and the Cryptopia Hack,

Episode 84

In this episode we interview Dion Croom, founder and CEO of Creative 3D Web which is a next-generation Virtual 3D Web browser that will combine advanced avatar-based 3D game engine technology with a highly customized blockchain architecture and an advanced fingerprint authentication system.

Weekly Crypto & Blockchain Round Up W/C 14th January

This week we cover Stellite’s V5 fork announcement, Julian Hosp’s TenX news and the Wirex platform’s new addition.

Episode 83

In this episode, we interview James Sowers who is the Chief Advisor for Empire Hotels who are developing the ultimate platform for users to book both rooms and experiences across the globe.

Episode 82

In this episode, we welcome back, for the third time, Josiah Spackman from DigiByte to celebrate their 5th Birthday.

Weekly Crypto & Blockchain Round Up W/C 7th January

In this episode we discuss Monero and Fortnite, along with DX Exchange!

Episode 81

In this Episode we discuss 9 infamous Crypto wallet addresses known to the public as being part of an infamous story, wrapped up in crime or belonging to some infamous names in the Crypto and Blockchain space.

Episode 80

This is the first episode of 2019, bought to you on the first day of the first month of 2019 – so here are some crypto and blockchain firsts.

Episode 79

In this episode, we speak with Erica Stanford who founded the Crypto Curry Club.

Episode 78

Coinmine is a new device allowing you to start mining cryptocurrencies in your home, a feat that previously either required a massive box costing thousands of dollars.

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