E60 S2 – Marshall Hayner: Founder & CEO of Proton & Metallicus

Marshall Hayner: Founder & CEO of Proton & Metallicus

In this episode, Kevin and Ben sit down with Marshall Hayner, Founder & CEO of Proton & Metallicus, to talk about how he got into the crypto space, his first ventures into building crypto companies and what innovations excite him in this space.

Who is Marshall Hayner

Marshall Hayner’s journey in crypto began in 2009 with Napster. While in college he became interested in decentralized file sharing. The idea of streaming and how users consume content led him to further his interests in bit torrent centralized file sharing. Inspired to build better web wallets, break down barriers and make it easier for users, Hayner joined Dogecoin, Quick Coin, and Stellar and worked on multiple projects. He then left and launched Metallicus in 2016 to provide users with a global crypto bank.

Ways to connect with Marshall/Proton/Metallicus

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProtonXPR https://twitter.com/MarshallHayner https://twitter.com/metalpaysme Website: https://www.proton.org/ https://metalpay.com/ Ways to connect with Cryptopulse Twitter: https://twitter.com/crypto_pulse Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/crypto_pulse LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cryptopulse Website:

Ways to connect with Kevin and Ben

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